As a part of making education affordable and accessible, I've created this section to help you navigate User Experience. From guides to tools and worksheets, you'll find helpful, original resources crafted for you here. 

Self-Taught UX: Trello Board

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A compilation of over 250+ resource links from my own bookmarks. Covering everything from blog posts to books, tools and tutorial links, it’s an instant library all in one place.

  • Explore tracks and topics from getting started in user experience, including fundamentals, self-study resources, thoughts on learning design, roles in UX, soft skills and career development.
  • Thorough links coverage of UX activities from Agile and Lean UX and design process to interaction design and usability testing.
  • Bonus links: Freelancing for designers and creatives, UX tools, and front-end development.

Ideal for novice and current UX professionals looking to reference and build a personal library of go-to links, articles, blog posts and books.