Courses & Workshops

I've created the following courses to help jumpstart new learning opportunities based on knowledge, tools and techniques used within my own consulting practice. 

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Introduction to
User Experience

*Available as multi-day course or bootcamp workshop



Interested in human psychology and interaction with technology? Want to develop new skills in uncovering findings on behavior, emotion, culture, or cognition? Get to know the fundamentals of researching and understanding people's needs and wants, and how user research empowers companies and teams to produce better quality products, services and experiences.

In this course:

  • Explore how UX Research discovers and applies interesting insights to opportunities in solving business challenges and informing products and service experiences.
  • Learn how to conduct various types of research from end-to-end and recognize common challenges, pitfalls, and best practices for planning, conducting, analyzing and reporting on your studies.
  • Gain fundamentals on research methods and tools for running your own research studies.

Great for (but not limited to) Product Managers, Designers, Design Managers, Marketers, Market Researchers, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

The UX Researcher's Toolkit

*Available as multi-day course or bootcamp workshop

Ever wondered what tools UX Researchers use? Curious how to communicate and report research to stakeholders or clients for buy-in? Focused on helping you get oriented to tools, templates and deliverables in research, this course will help you better manage and streamline your studies and deliver high-quality findings and recommendations to help teams make better decisions.

In this course:

  • Learn the  fundamentals of the UX Researcher's process, tools and workflow to help optimize the way that you (and your teams) gather data and formulate insights.
  • Improve your critical thinking and planning skills in crafting effective research questions, goals and objectives, and research plans.
  • Understand how to prioritize and present your findings to align with and gain support from stakeholders.

Great for UX Designers, Design Managers, Strategists, Analysts, Marketers, non-UX Researchers and Entrepreneurs.

Practical Business Anthropology: 
Global Consumer Culture

*Available as multi-day course or bootcamp workshop

In a world of Apple, Uber, McDonalds and Coco-Cola, what's the impact of global brands and media on everyday consumers and cultures? How is the changing landscape of local vs. global impacting the creation and consumption of products and services? This course focuses on introducing you to cross-cultural and anthropological perspectives on global businesses, consumer culture and local contexts, helping you to develop an awareness of creating for global audiences and essentials for building competency in internationalization, localization and emerging markets.

Practical Design Anthropology: Cultural Contexts

*Available as multi-day course or bootcamp workshop

What does blue milk have to do with the creation of Go-Gurt? Why do colors have different meanings across cultures? How are insights gleaned from everyday life to help companies develop inspirational concepts and visions of the future (eg. Corning's A Day Made of Glass or BMW's Vision Next 100)? What can we learn about culture from products that failed in new markets? Blending topics in anthropology, interaction design, and design thinking, this course looks at case studies, practical skills, and the history (and future) of interplay between cultures, people and objects. Deconstructing the work of anthropologists in the field, you'll gain an understanding of why design thinking is "anthropological doing" and how to boost your work in innovation and design.

Practical Cyborg Anthropology:
Emerging Futures

*Available as multi-day course or bootcamp workshop

What does physical anthropology (human adaptation) and biology have to do with the future of design? If pacemakers, insulin pumps and bionic limbs are the beginnings of cyborg futures, what's next? Exploring the intersection of humanity and technology, this course introduces you to anthropological perspectives, considerations and practical preparation for user experience professionals in the emerging realms of robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and biotech, genetics, synthetic biology, cognitive science, neuroscience and the internet of things.